Autumn Trees

October 1998 by Flying Stone

Verse 1
Oh, You work so much
To earn the living for your family
You haven’t got the time
To live your skills and learn what you wanted to
But You love your children and feel for them
And you’re fighting for their life
That they do not make the same mistakes
As you did when you were young

See the golden leafs hangin‘ on the autumn trees
Soon they will fall down
And You will step on them wondering why
they are happy even laying on the ground

Verse 2
Oh, you think so much
About the people and about yourself
You say that nothing but our feelings
Can change the world and make a better one
But your heart is split in two
Because of feelings you cannot address
And so You write your poems
That give me strength or make me sad.

Verse 3
Oh, please don’t give up
Do never stop defending precious dreams
Please take care of you
Take care of all the people whom you love
Oh, you’re such’n exciting soul
Deep and strong You hide your pain
But You do not hide Your thoughts
We talk and never waste our time

© 1998 Flying Stone