Forty Years

August 1995 by Flying Stone

Verse 1
We walked on the road for forty years now
For forty, forty years
A lot of time we spent together
Met each other in nineteen seventy five
Nineteen seventy five|
After a while walked hand in hand

Find your own way
Never stop learnin in your life
Use any chance, any chance your get
Ask your best friends
If sometimes you are in doubt
And never give up, never, never give up

Verse 2
Moved together with friends into a big apartment
In the west of the town
And after a year got lots of trouble
Then decided t’have children with our best friends
Our best friends
Share bad and good times, problems and fun

Verse 3
When the children were born our days got changed
Changed so much
These little humans made us swingin
They grew up and we founded a children’s group
With other parents and Ann
Worked for each other and the quarter

© 1995 Flying Stone