Gimme A Chance

April 1998 by Flying Stone

Verse 1
Walkin‘ down a lonesome street
Nobody’s livin‘ there
The windows dark, the doors all closed
No laughter anywhere
I feel so cold, pain in my heart
Where are you gone?
Are you well or are you down?
I do not know

Show me your face, your hands
Look into my eyes
Tell me the story
Of your days and of your nights

Verse 2
Sitting in a dirty pub
Men smokin‘, drinkin‘ beer
The lamps are low, the glasses blind
For what the hell am I here?
I dream of You every night
What do You feel?
Is it hatred, is it love?
I wonna know

Verse 3
Yes, I am deeply impressed
Of some people whom I meet
I love their work, need their help
Spend lot of time with them
I beg You so, please forgive
What I have done
I’ll try to do better from now
Please gimme a chance

© 1998 Flying Stone