Moon Talk

June 1999 by Flying Stone

Verse 1
Oh, I need to talk to you this night
I know that it’s late, but please don’t say no
I will wait for you, nearby, in the grass
in front of my tent. thanks for saying yes

The frosty moon is painting
Our faces with its blue cold light
The wind brings deep dark from behind
Far from the sea
Sit and shiver, ask and think
No answer, some tears
You ask how can you like
What you don’t know?

Verse 2
Tell me why you hurt my soul with words
spoken so fast that I guess they carry truth
You say I should ignore those spikes and hits
Hope you’ve realized that’s impossible for me

Verse 3
Tell me what they mean, my songs, for you,
what it means when we fuse our voices and sing
Say I don’t want no more, the wounds too deep
Feel, my greatest wish is to continue our way

© 1999 Flying Stone