Still Love You

August 1999 by Flying Stone

Verse 1
Try to find your roots here in this village
See where you come from, where you go
I know, I know, I know, I know
So much of You, my girl, now
But not the most important thing for me
Oh na na na na …

Oh, now I know that I still love you
Allthough I thought I would not
Love you any more
Still love you, still love you, still love you
Girl with the long hair on the photograph
On your grandmother’s TV
Ah ah ….

Verse 2
Travel with your mother, my lovely friend
Through all the stations of her
Childhood and youth
I see, I see, I feel, I feel the spirit
Where you come from, you both
But there’s no answer to my question
Oh na na na na …

Verse 3
Follow traces back to your grandfather
Stand at his grave and watch his face
I hear, I hear, I hear, I hear his tragic story
Man with two hearts and heavy will
Oh na na na na …

© 1999 Flying Stone