April 2000 by Flying Stone

Verse 1
Pretty girl once found a stone
Looked like a face, eyes deep and sound
Could sing and talk, a miracle
Girl was excited, took him home

Thanks for your help (your welcome)
Thanks for your friendship, your ideas (your welcome.)
Thanks for your voice that I love (your welcome)
Thanks for your straight open mind (that’s ok)

Verse 2
Pretty girl felt happy, oh
about the treasure found
Played with the stone when she had time
and listened to his stories for a while

Verse 3
Stone felt in love with pretty girl
Not just a toy he’d wonna be
Girl became so angry
Threw him out her window to the street

Verse 4
Straight girl came along the street
Found crying stone and took him up
Heard his songs and understood
And they made music straight and good

© 2000 Flying Stone