We Won’t Break

August 1998 by Flying Stone

Verse 1
Ordered and calm my life ‘til yesterday
One straight line from childhood up to now
My job fairly good, my family so fine
What’s Your secret often I was asked

We won’t break, you both, don’ worry, we won’t break!
Love You, need you, more than ever, need you now
But also love each other, burning our hearts
We won’t break, and you will tell us what to do

Verse 2
Then you crossed my way and everything changed
The world got new colors from your voice
We’ve told us our life, discovered our love
Kept the treasure in our beating hearts

Verse 3
Oh, I’s so sure not to cause any harm
Really thought that everything was fine
Oh, what big a fault, our partners got hurt
Tell me, do we all have a real chance?

© 1998 Flying Stone