Lonely Night Blues – Song Review by Jon Wright

Overall Impression

Delivering an intimate glimpse of the effects that passion and desire can have upon the lonesome, Flying Stone’s Lonely Night Blues makes full use of just fingerpicked guitar, subtle bass, and tastefully restrained vocals to illustrate the protagonist’s struggle with longing and isolation – bringing anecdotally relatable lyricism and an all-too-familiar scenario to sonic life.

Strongest Point(s)

Lonely Night Blues is an impressive piece of music! The guitar work throughout the track is beautifully understated, carrying the bulk of the harmonic development with a practiced poise that’s seriously engaging. Flying Stone’s vocals are unrefined in a very gripping way, lending a further edge of reality to the sound and granting the lyrics a believable gravity. The lyrical content is accessible to a large portion of the population, standing to connect with a comparable listening audience! Great work!

Area(s) of Improvement

The only thing that could be improved upon for future recordings is the recording quality! It’s not bad by any means, but there’s just a touch of white noise from the room in the audio – a properly baffled sound stage would help isolate guitar and vocal tones without capturing the ambient room noise. Otherwise, this is great!

Target Audience Appeal

Lyrically, Lonely Night Blues bears a subject matter that is inherently familiar to the entirety of humankind. While the specific anecdotal content pertaining to club nightlife may be less accessible, the sentiment of desire for interpersonal connection is practically universal – making Lonely Night Blues a song for the isolated, both physically and socially! Flying Stone’s intimate, organic sound stands to resonate with fans of the Blues, as well as certain sub-genres of Country, Folk, and Americana!

Artist target suggestions

Tom Waits, Gogol Bordello, Bob Dylan, Ben Harper, Christone „Kingfish“ Ingram, Jontavious Willis, Bobby Rush, Matt Andersen, Doc Watson, John Hartford, Sam Amidon

About the Reviewer

Jon Wright is a trained multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and music educator with nearly twenty years of experience in the field. Working with musicians and their individual sounds is his passion and profession, and he strives to interact with and understand every aspect of the production process – from theory and songwriting to recording and mastering. He continues to teach students of all ages and is currently collaborating with artists in a wide variety of genres.