Early Years

Grown up in Augsburg, Bavaria, in a family with a lot of singing, composing, playing and listening to music, the wish to learn guitar as a teenager was natural. In fact, it was a pretty girl who played a song for us boys at a skiing camp in the Alps that made me want to learn this instrument. Thanks to my parents, I got an education in classical guitar over several years, which laid the ground for my further development as a musician and composer. With about seventeen I wrote my first songs, but I kept them for myself. Too imperfect, too personal, I felt. However, they were just love songs, and not as personal as I thought.

Collectives and Protest

During the late 70s and early 80s in Munich, the time when we lived in collectives, got children, demonstrated against the cold war, political suppression, pollution, and capitalism, I wrote songs about our anger, fears and protest. We played these songs in our punk-funk-rock band FREIBANK, later ZAPONG. During the same period, I performed songs with lyrics of Berthold Brecht, traditional German liberty songs, and political resistance songs from Latin America and Greece, often as part of cultural-political events for freedom, peace and tolerance. In the duo IMASTE DIO, Michael Stenger and I performed songs of Mikis Theodorakis, Jannis Ritsos, and rembetika, in Greek pubs and restaurants in Munich, and at various cultural events.

Changes in Life

Around the millennium shift, after a period with lots of duties and work on other things, and driven by changes in my life, I wrote numerous new songs about love and despair from a grown-up perspective, as well as songs about political and societal challenges, tolerance, respect, and freedom. Being creative and transforming emotional tensions into music helped me getting further. Many of these songs were performed by the folk band SCHIGGABEI together with Judith Horsch (piano), Kristina Babic (vocal), Anne Seytter (cello), and by the duo 2-VOCS together with Biggi Galbac. They were released on the studio albums Here and Now (1998), Crazy World (2000), and Where You Go? (2002).

High North and Mountains

Recently, after another tough period filled with professional duties, family and extensive hiking in Northern Norway and in the Alps, I began to write new songs and also started to make videos and electronic music extending the expressive possibilities. While singer-songwriter and rock still are my basic genres, the fusion with other genres has become very important for me. Finally there is the dance as a dimension, adding the language of the body. I have trained martial arts and jazz dance over many years, and I intend to incorporate dance wherever it feels the right thing to do, like in the music video Virus. Latest work is published on the studio albums Flow of Energy (2020) and Keep Goin (2022). Beside these core activities, I’m also very fond of DJ’ing.

New Freedom

From 2025 onward, I plan to boost creative activities as I will use most of my productive time on music, video, DJ’ing, dancing, climbing and hiking. Live performances and collaborations with other artists will be an important part.